Supplier Terms & Conditions


Quality System:

Supplier shall maintain a quality system acceptable to Alloy Metal Products. The quality system shall also address any applicable statutory or regulatory requirements. The supplier’s quality system is subject to review by Alloy Metal Products during the purchase order/contract duration.

Right of Entry:

Supplier grants the right for representatives of Alloy Metal Products, their prime contractor, and regulatory agencies access to their facilities involved with the order, including equipment, product, procedures, and records of a job at any stage of production. Such surveillance by Alloy Metal Products, customers or regulatory agency will be performed only with the knowledge of, and jointly with, a representative of Alloy Metal Products. All Subcontracting will provide Alloy Metal Products, the same rights as stated above.

Proprietary Information:

All drawings, planning, etc. issued with the purchase order/contract are considered proprietary and are to be kept confidential and protected from disclosure unless authorized by Alloy Metal Products. Their use is only authorized to fulfill the purchase order requirements and will be returned as required.

Material Control:

All material or standards furnished by Alloy Metal Products require strict accountability. The supplier must maintain positive individual lot integrity and traceability to the material supplied. All unused or non-conforming material must be returned to Alloy Metal Products. Serial numbers when required will be assigned by Alloy Metal Products. The assigned serial number cannot be changed or replaced. Serial numbers will be recorded on all documentation.


a) Certification is required for all processing. Special processes shall only be performed by approved sources and may require approved techniques as specified by the purchase order/contract. Serial numbers as required will be recorded on all documentation.

b) Alloy Metal Products must be notified of any change(s) in product(s) used in the direct manufacture and / or process used in the production of finished product(s). Where required, approval from Alloy Metal Products must be given prior to shipment.

c) If any sub-contractors are to be used, the supplier must notify Alloy Metal Products prior to production. Alloy Metal Products has the right to accept or reject any sub-contractor.

d) When sub-contractors are approved for use, it is the suppliers responsibility to flow down to sub-tier suppliers all applicable requirements in the form of purchasing documents, specifications, key characteristics if required, certification needs and any special process or quality requirements.

Standards of Workmanship:

Supplier must maintain written standards of workmanship directly applicable to the nature and level of work performed under this Order. A copy shall be supplied to Buyer upon request. Buyer reserves the right to perform in-process inspections and or audits at any time during the life of the purchase order.
All personnel involved in the purchased process must be qualified.

Inspection Requirements:

Supplier is responsible for verifying all dimensions and/or features associated with the purchase order/contract requirements. Acceptance and rejections must be indicated on certification or packing slip. Supplier must immediately notify Alloy Metal Products when discrepancies in either the process or product are discovered, or are suspected to have occurred, which may affect parts delivered or that are scheduled to be delivered. All nonconforming parts must be returned to Alloy Metal Products clearly marked as non-conforming or out of specification. Returning non-conforming parts does not constitute acceptance by Alloy Metal Products. The supplier may receive a request for corrective action; in such cases a
written response is required with cause, corrective and preventive actions.
Corrective action response must be returned within fourteen days. Suppliers must maintain a system to control and calibrate inspection measuring and test equipment required to verify compliance to the purchase order/contract. At a minimum calibration standards traceable to N.I.S.T. are required with traceable calibration certifications maintained and available for review. First article reports, material certifications or special process certifications, when required by the purchase order/contract, shall be submitted with the product.

Packaging and Shipping:

Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order/contract, Supplier shall package all material in a manner to ensure protection against cross contamination, product mix-up and/or exposure to foreign objects, corrosion, oxidation, and deterioration.  Furthermore, all product shipped from your facility must be packaged in a way to preserve the conformity and integrity of the product, which includes protection from environmental conditions (such as extreme temperature and water) during storage, handling, and delivery to the intended destination.

Flow Down:

Supplier shall flow down all applicable customer requirements to its suppliers.

Special Process Suppliers:

Special process suppliers shall validate any process for production where the resulting output cannot be verified with calibrated equipment. Validation must include criteria for review and approval of the process, as well as criteria for qualification of equipment and personnel. Revalidation guidelines must be established. Records must be made available at request.

Alloy Metal Products Supplied Tooling:

Supplier shall be responsible for protection, care, usage and return of any Alloy Metal Products supplied tooling or measuring equipment. At the end of contract or purchase order all tooling must be returned to Alloy Metal Products.

Records Created and Maintained by Supplier:

Records include: Quality system records, certifications, product realization records (build plan and acceptance records) maintenance records and components, and raw material and service records as applicable. All records must be legible and retained for at least 7 years unless specified otherwise by the purchase order/contract. In the event of sub-contractor use, the supplier is responsible for storage and maintenance of all records. Records must be disposed of after retention time. Disposition can include but is not limited to shredding, burning or deletion of soft copies, or returning of controlled records to Alloy Metal Products.

FOD (Foreign Objects & Debris):

Supplier shall have a FOD prevention program applicable to the service provided. Supplier will ensure all parts are free of foreign objects during manufacturing, inspection and shipping.

All Suppliers to Alloy Metal Products are required to disclose any use of “Conflict Minerals”. Alloy Metal Products reserves to right to cancel any purchase order whose content is manufactured or contains “Conflict Material.” All Material Certs need to clearly state the use of conflict material.