Aerospace and Aviation

Alloy Metal Products has built a reputation as a key player in the precision machining of difficult parts and components for the Aerospace industry. Our team includes experienced programmers of 5-axis milling and 8-axis tool turning machines. We are AS9100 certified, and we work with a wide variety of materials, including exotic plastics.



We continue to work with Alloy Metal Products for one very important reason: they work with us closely to get the job done and they do it at a level way beyond what we usually get out of a supplier. One problem I’m sure anyone else reading this can relate to is having to find someone to fix bad work.

While it is hardly the typical kind of work we bring to Alloy, in this case we needed some very badly forged castings to be refurbished and done so with no CAD files and very hard to read legacy prints. Alloy has been a godsend and has worked closely with our engineers and myself to interpret the drawings and get us exactly what we needed within a very tight timeframe.

I have to work out these issues with our sources all day long and the thing I’ve come to realize is that a working relationship is friendly but a close working relationship that brings value is invaluable.

Furthermore, we were won over with their ability to know exactly how to machine out these castings, which are particularly delicate and we could not afford to lose much in learning how to get them back in spec. They truly are artists and deserve every bit of business they get.

-Dan Stachowiak
Quality Engineer, Rockwell Collins

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